Project Blanket – Its finished!

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This project really has been a long one, but the best by far! Its taken many, many hours, and SO many balls of wool. But its amazing (if i must say so myself 🙂 ) I have loved every minute making this and watching it grow. And loved how it kept me warm what i was working on it!
It was never supposed to end up this big, i think i got carried away on more than one occasion and felt the urge to buy yet more wool, and turn it into the monstrous beauty it is today.

Its just over a double sized blanket i would say? My bed as shown in the pictures is a king, and its slightly smaller, so would look lovely draped over a double 🙂

Here’s some workings out I’ve done…
The Pink/Purple wool was ‘James C Brett Woodlander’ and the white/Gret was ‘Robin…

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